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About Total Lab Solutions (Insul-Serv, Inc.)

Insul-Serv, Inc. (ISI) dba Total Laboratory Solutions (TLS) was founded in 1981 to provide quality products and services for the US domestic laboratory market and educational community. What started out with offering "Colorlith and Colorceran" has increased over the years and evolved into our current product range of EPOXY RESIN, Lab Grade phenolic resin, pegboards, window sills, reagent shelving, and more.

Very few, if any, other companies provide as complete a range of laboratory products and equipment as is available through Total lab Solutions. The products include epoxy resin laboratory countertops, sinks and accessories, epoxy peg boards, fume hood cupboards/ cabinets, epoxy or phenolic fume hood bases, fume hood liner boards, solid phenolic lab-resin grade countertops, high pressure chemical resistant laminates, high wear - abrasion resistant laminates, polypropylene sinks, cup sinks, accessories, polypropylene (PP) peg boards, water fixtures, gas taps, eye wash & shower equipment, and more.

Our competitive pricing of materials, freight and packaging makes the TLS product line available to the North American market and unique in the industry in supplying a full range of laboratory products and equipment. The Total Lab Solution.

Duratop Epoxy

For the past 25 years we have proudly marketed our epoxy resin countertops as Duratop Epoxy, a private label name used in the supply of Durcon epoxy resin products. Durcon's primary product line consists of epoxy resin countertops and sinks, which are renowned for their durability, chemical resistance, and suitability for a wide range of laboratory environments. Based on Durcon's well known and well trusted name in the marketplace, we have launched our new website EpoxyCountertops.com to offer a complete offering of Durcon laboratory countertops, sinks, pegboards, and other lab products that are the best in the industry.

Total Lab Solutions

Total Lab Solutions is led by David Carlock, with over 40 years in the laboratory industry alone. Based in Scottsdale Arizona with strategically located stocking warehouses in AZ, CA, TX, IL, and TN, we ensure swift delivery of our stocked unfabricated epoxy and Lab grade phenolic resin slabs. Fabricated materials, cut to final field measured dimensions, are fabricated at various locations to meet the demands of the schools, pharma, medical, veterinary, WWTP, and other wet or dry lab applications.