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Epoxy or Solid Phenolic Window Sills

Epoxy and phenolic window sills are constructed without a wood core, edge banding, or concerns about expansion, contraction, or delamination, making them the ultimate choice for window sill solutions.

Epoxy window sills, constructed from solid Compressed Epoxy Compact Resin (ECR) and saturated/impregnated Kraft papers, these sills boast edges that require no special treatment. They can be easily profiled, milled, and polished on the exposed edges, featuring a standard 1/8" (3mm) beveled top and bottom with eased corners. Architects and consultants typically specify a thickness of 1" (25mm) or 3/4" (19mm) for these high-quality epoxy window sills.

To seamlessly blend with or contrast laboratory work surfaces and countertop materials, epoxy window sills are available in industry-standard colors such as black, volcano gray, pastel gray, and white, all featuring a smooth texture finish and a black edge core. For special color requirements, these can be accommodated, although they may entail extended factory production lead times.

Epoxy window sills come in a wide variety of profiles, suitable for wrapping interior and exterior window frames. These profiles can include notch cutouts with rabbet ears, flush installations against back or side walls, or overhanging the sill area with a rectangular profile. Additionally, aprons ranging from 2" to 5" (50mm to 125mm) are sometimes added in the field to conceal imperfections in drywall, cinder block, or other composite wall materials. All sills and stools are precision-cut from epoxy resin sheet materials to match the desired colors, thicknesses, and profiles.

Within the laboratory market, which encompasses schools, hospitals, water treatment plants, and more, there's a growing demand for high-quality, LEED-certified, low VOC epoxy window stools/stools/aprons. These products offer chemical resistance, are lighter in weight than traditional epoxy options, are easier to install, come at a lower cost, offer longer lengths, and can be color-matched to countertop materials. In laboratory environments where chemicals are frequently used, it's essential to provide instructors, students, engineers, and employees with safe and easily cleanable surfaces. The unique properties of solid epoxy have gained increased recognition, leading to a significant surge in the adoption of Epoxy Solid-Surfacing Material.